Gérard Di-Maccio

“I would like to express an image of the past seen from the future in my paintings. It is as if the world 10,000 years from now were recalled by a man 20,000 years in the future. By imagining such an thing, I want to explore both a bright hope and the premonition of a dismal future.” This is how Di-Maccio explains his own artistic style.

Gerard Di-Maccio is a French genius of visionary painting and currently lives in Belgium. His artwork was first introduced to Japan in 1988.

His works, most notably amazingly lifelike figures of both genders and large-scale pictures of super-realistic worlds of the future, created a sensation in the art world. Many people were fascinated by his artistry when it arrived in Japan. Almost 250,000 people visited the exhibitory tours at 8 museums across Japan from 1992 through 1993. A fever of ardent support swept over the country.

In Paris, Di-Maccio actively created his paintings while teaching. His first exhibition was held at the Galerie La in Paris in 1979. He became more recognized as he was introduced in art industry papers. In 1985 he was highly acclaimed as “Dali’s dream finally realized.”

Back in those days, it was considered natural for artists to sacrifice themselves for the sake of creation by pushing themselves to their physical and mental limits. Contrary to such ideals, Di-Maccio took a different approach to creating art by living a regular life, playing tennis for fun, eating a balanced diet and getting enough sleep. This lifestyle gave him a healthier rhythm for creating his art. It is said he created more than 3,000 works as he was listening to Mozart and Handel’s music.

His exquisite artistry and sophisticated drawing techniques, influenced from studying anatomy and architecture, were developed through a deep analysis of Leonardo da Vinci and the other masters of the Renaissance. Some say that his paintings, where both beauty and vice exist, can portray a modern society which has become vulgar and disordered.