The World’s largest oil painting was once released by request of the Tunisia government for the first time in Cartago sanctuary in 1997. Due to its size, this seamless and harmonious piece of infinity could not be displayed in any Japanese existing art museum, until we met the shut-down elementary school in Taiyo area.
Since the Meiji era (1868-1912), our ancestors have overcome a number of difficulties to survive in the harsh natural environment of the northern country. Thanks to their efforts, the Taiyo district in Niikappu Town stands today. The museum used to be an elementary school called Taiyo Elementary School. This school was closed down in 2008, much to the regret of the people of Taiyo, who are reminded of their frontier spirit by such monuments.

Taiyo Elementary School

It was decided on June 2009 to reuse Taiyo Elementary School as an art museum. At the former-elementary school building, surrounded by rich greenery, the art of Gerard Di-Maccio, a French master of visionary painting, have been permanently displayed. The biggest oil painting in the world (9m height x 27m width) and almost 250 of his art works and references have been exhibited together. People can fully enjoy the artistic world of Di-Maccio in harmony with a rich natural environment.

Purchased through Auction

After purchasing the newly closed Taiyo Elementary School through an Internet auction, we re-opened it as a museum in August 2010 with the aim of serving the local community. The colors and shape of the school building and the gym in a beautiful natural setting can match Di-Maccio’s artistic view to value the importance of nature and the environment. This place is ideal to exhibit one of the largest paintings in the world, and we aspire to manage the museum in harmony with nature.